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A very long drive and we are finally back in the UK! After a very successful week in Hyeres at the ISAF Sailing World Cup, the original plan was to head straight to Lake Garda for an event next week, however we decided the best use of our time would be to head back home to train and catch up on some jobs we had to do. So now we are having a ‘week off’, although it seems we haven’t really had any time to ourselves yet as we need to catch up on some maintenance to keep Nina looking pretty –  every time we think we are sorted we find one more job to do!

Palma had been a difficult event for us as a team; a combination of missing home and some tricky conditions left us struggling towards the end of the week, therefore after a well needed break we made the journey back and were intent on starting afresh – something must have worked as everything began to run far more smoothly, so the first big learning curve is downtime is very important.

We spent the first week mainly training with another British boat and then comparing with other nations. We were lucky enough to have Brian Phipps coaching us for a few days; coordinating our training, giving us hints, areas to work on and occasionally the odd pep talk when we started doing silly things.

The racing started well with two strong results for our first two races – a massive improvement on Palma already, however as we started the third race another boat decided to give us a little bump and we had to retire. So the first evening of the regatta was spent sorting out protests and exchanging insurance details in foreign languages, all while attempting to find someone to repair our boat overnight on a bank holiday – which we achieved and redress was given – long but successful day…

The rest of the week was a little less eventful (if you ignore a minor man-overboard exercise mid-race, no need to mention which of us was the swimmer, and no we didn’t end up last in that race!) yet it was encouraging to see our results improving as we learnt from the other boats and progressed forwards especially in conditions that before we considered to be areas of weakness. We ended up 11th in Silver Fleet which we are very happy with but still intent on improving further – next stop gold fleet!



On Monday we head down to Falmouth for some training a little closer to home with Tom Phipps and Zennor Pascoe, will be great to get out with another boat again and fill up on some Cornish Pasties and Clotted Cream – diets may be in order on our return though!

Lessons learnt from Hyeres:

More than one playlist is essential for long road trips

Don’t fall out at the leeward gate – Nacra 17′s are very big and move very fast with their kites up

Speaking French in France is far more effective than Spanish

Palma.. Done!

So what can we say about Palma?!…. Well, it was an event of extremes, lots of waiting on the water and on the beach. There were days with lots of wind and days with not very much at all, and even a day when there was breeze and then instantly there was none!

The event started for us in light breeze, something that we have not had the most practice in. We immediately realised that we needed to spend more time in the light breeze but also gain more experience in race situations. We qualified for the silver fleet and we only had 3 races in the final series. Our first two races were very strong, but a broken rudder stock made us retire from the last one. A huge shame as it was finally our conditions!

We finished 61st in our first ISAF Sailing World Cup Event so we are fairly happy with that even though we would have preferred to be higher up the table. But fortunately we are able to analyse the event and we know where we need to work harder.

Looking forward We have the final ISAF SWC event in Hyeres, France which we leave for in the early hours of Friday morning. We are so excited to get back out there and on the water! In the mean time we are trying to relax and recover from a hard two weeks but still focus hard on our fitness and physiology.

We’ll leave you with a photo of us with our game faces on!

Finally in Palma!

We’ve been in Palma now since Tuesday morning, we arrived at the boat park around 6:45 am and we swiftly set to rigging. By 9:30 we were done but we had to power through the day to keep our body clocks in touch with some kind of normality!

Tuesday and Wednesday brought a fair bit of breeze to Palma but on Thursday we were gifted with a dropping 12-14knt breeze. We eagerly hit the water and did some tuning runs with some other teams and then we lined up for some racing organised by some coaches. Almost as soon as the 3 minute gun was fired the wind shut down, leaving us bobbing in the middle of the bay. The breeze filled in a little bit and we sailed back towards the shoreline where we focused on some boathandling as we have had so long out of the boat! Friday was a different story, we launched early as the breeze was forecast to pick up to fresh to frightening. we had a great couple of races showing some good pace and good decision making for once! With the breeze building and the short course and lots of boats combining to make a ‘target rich environment’, as Mumma B would say anyway! we decided that we would split off after the windward mark and focus on some windy boat handling!

Saturday was forecast to be mentally windy again so we decided that we would play it by ear, so we took the 30 second walk from our apartment to the boat park. We were greeted with eyes filled with sand! It was windy, so we decided that we would get registered and measured. So we are brought up to today, where we are currently sitting in our hotel lobby waiting for the torrential rain to abate so we can go outside!

It has been so nice to get out somewhere where we aren’t freezing cold or having to wait onshore because of too much/too little wind or fog!

6 Days and counting…..

With our epic road trip to all of the European Nacra 17 events starting in six days when we leave for the Palma OCR, we thought we’d give you a quick update on how we have been getting on in the last month or so!

Weekend before last we had the first RYA Spring Qualifier event at WPNSA; it was forecast to be a windy affair, but the forecast didn’t hold out and it was generally a light wind event. We spent two long days out in the bay where the waves were big and the breeze was 6-8 knots. It was noticeable compared to the other boats, we may have been on the heavier side of the weight spectrum in these conditions; they could fly a hull a little bit earlier and the speed difference was immense. However by the end of the weekend, we were able to keep pace and we developed our light wind technique to compensate for our heavier crew weight. After a tricky 7 races, we managed to finish second behind Tom Phipps/Zennor Pascoe.

On the Friday and Monday of that weekend, we had some training with Rob Wilson. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, we were the only boat to turn on Friday which gave us a full day to ourselves with Rob and then on the Monday only one other boat made it out onto the water for a long session of tuning runs up and down the harbour. The breeze was up a bit from the weekend and we had been able to show our heavy weather techniques that we have developed over winter and we managed to make gains on the other team.

Off the water a few things have been happening. Firstly, we have had a team adapting our trailer so we can tow more comfortably on our tour and they have done an amazing job. After many late nights in the workshop for him we were finally to use it for the first time when we went to Weymouth, we now understand why every other multihull sailor has such large boxes!


We have also been trying hard to lose weight for the summer. Over the windy winter we haven’t been on top of managing our weight so now we are back in competition mode we realise that we may be slightly heavier than we need to be! So Tom has started taking long runs around his new countryside house and Alicia is getting acquainted with the hand cycle after hurting her knee! We think everyone knows who got the best deal there!


We also had the RYA Topper Zone Squad at Whitstable for the weekend, as Tom’s little sister is a member of this squad we decided that we would help out, little did we know how wet we were going to get just by helping to launch a few Toppers and a couple of safety boats! It’s always great to see young talent coming through!

Looking forward, we are leaving for Palma on Sunday and we are trying to cram in as much sailing as we can before we get there, while getting ready to leave at the weekend. Unfortunately for us the forecast doesn’t look like it is playing ball so we will have to see what the week brings!

To keep up to date with our trip abroad, we will be pumping our twitter, @gbrnacrateam, full of witty anecdotes and photos of stunning scenery to make all of you very jealous! So if you haven’t already follow us from one of the links on the right hand side of this page!

It’s still windy….

So with Atlantic storms battering the UK, our sailing time in the last two weeks has been limited to two sessions, both however were Whitstable at its finest! It’s times like that when we really realise how lucky we are to be based in such an amazing part of the British Isles!

During this windy period, we have been kept busy booking up and planning our trip into Europe for the European Circuit, going to the gym ,doing some boatwork and watching the Winter Olympics.

Looking forward, we are getting ready for the first class training event of the year at WPNSA in two weeks time, the week after is the first RYA Spring Qualifier so the season is nearing its beginning!

A little bit of a reality check and a MASSIVE thank you

I think we need to start by saying thank you to everyone who helped us yesterday, it was a little bit of a shock for us but we are so glad everything has turned out okay!

Yesterday, while training out in the bay, we had an incident which left Tom on a capsized boat drifting at a very fast rate out towards the windfarm; and myself floating in the sea with no way of getting back to the boat or to shore.

Despite using flares in an attempt to get help we could not attract any attention. Tom had several attempts at righting the boat and finally managed it after dropping the mainsail, however by this point he had drifted a few miles downwind and struggled to make it back up to where I was using only the jib. Luckily Tom was seen from shore, and the lifeboat launched when they realised there was only one of us on board. By this time I had been in the water for 40 minutes and so when I was picked up I was taken straight to shore to meet an ambulance and warm up while Tom sailed the boat back.

So a big thank you to not only the RNLI who rescued us, but also the Herne Bay Coastguard who responded so quickly and the paramedics who checked us over. Looking back we realise how badly things could have turned out, and without people keeping an eye on us from the shore we could still be out there.

Today we will be replacing our flares and charging our VHF’s for next time we go training on our own, we can’t wait to get back out on the water – just with a few more safety devices this time!

Back on the Water!

So; finally the wind stopped blowing dogs off chains, allowing us to get back onto the water! This week has been mostly windy, except for a brief 30 minutes on Monday when it went exceptionally light! Today and yesterday we have been lucky enough to be sailing around under rainbows!  We now look forward to a weekend of two halves: Saturday being windy, and Sunday not so much!

It’s been great getting back on the water and getting on with our training, but importantly reminding ourselves how awesome our day jobs really are!!

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Watch Is More Than A Timepiece

Most of people think that watches are only a gadget that we use to watch the time. But, today watches are more than just a gadget; they have become a fashion accessory.

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Forskolin – An Effective And Healthy Weight Loss Supplement

One of the best known fat loss remedies is Forskolin. It is a chemical that's naturally present in the roots of a mint family plant called Coleus Forskohlii. This plant is a native of India.

For centuries, this plant had been useful for treating heart ailments, hypertension and asthma. Forskolin extract can also be known to deal with patients with urinary tract infection, eczema, psoriasis, allergies, menstrual cramps and blood clots. There are lots of more minor medical conditions where Forskolin is highly effective. Here I would like to recommend that you can read out coleus forskohlii extract review of various satisfied users to gather detailed information on this plant. 

The product quality that's however made Forskolin so famous today is its ability to help you slim down and fat from your body.

How can Forskolin Focus on a Body? 

1) Forskolin contributes to an increase in the level of a molecule called adenylate cyclase. This enzyme causes the natural burning of the unwanted fat from the body.

2) It activates the protein kinase in the body. This protein stimulates the release of cAMP. cAMP reduces the fatty acids in the body.

3) In addition it escalates the production of the enzymes which are mixed up in digestion and absorption of food. In this manner the body can draw in more nutrients from the food.

4) It escalates the metabolic amount of the human body making the calorie burning process faster.

5) It keeps you feeling more energetic for harder workout sessions.

6) It escalates the lean body mass of the human body by raising the level of testosterone and thyroid hormone.

Profits Of Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing includes the acquisition of real estate for profit. Profits are accumulated slowly by renting out properties in a cash flow method, or are generally renovated and resold for a capital gain. In addition, real estate investors may wholesale properties as a means to make profits.

There are many gurus out there who believe that real estate is a solution where you cannot lose money. Although this is false, there are a number of advantages to investing in real estate. The major factor in marketability of an investment is supply and demand.

The first big advantage is that it is an extremely luxurious product. Each sale you make produce more profit potential for this reason. Leverage, or the capability to borrow based on the value of the property, is probably the second greatest benefit. You can browse real estate agent sutherland shire via http://locationre.com.au/.

It is much easier to finance real estate than any other product. While investing in most assets requires the purchaser to have the full purchase price obtainable for the asset, in real estate investing, one only needs to have a fraction of the purchase price available as a down payment.

Local advantage is rarely discussed but it stands to reason that you know your neighborhood better than a real estate investing expert would if they were in another part of the world. This creates an advantage the beginner can exploit in his market.

How To Retrieve The Data On Cloud Over Internet?

It may appear difficult for you to get the information the cloud storage device. This is very important to get back your formatted data. This is not the task for a genius. You just need to know the information first as well as the way of using the business cloud storage. You have to take this seriously because it should be installed in your device. Side by side some security features need to be activated to use the cloud storage safely. You will not be safe when it comes to protecting yourself from cyber criminals. The cloud storage will fulfill all of your demand and will be hundred percent convenient for you.

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Do you know how the cloud storage works? It actually works on the basis of the internet connection. There are multiple servers connected to each other. The cloud storage systems are called data centers. The files are sent to the data center over the internet and the information is recorded within the center. If someone wants to retrieve their file, they simply access the file over the internet via the provider’s website. Then very easily they can retrieve the data.

Forskolin Pure Root Coleus Forskohlii Extract

Research indicates Forskolin can quickly and viably blaze stiff-necked tummy fat. In spite of the fact that the focal point of the standard media, it has been utilized as an ayurvedic herb for centuries.

The investigative name, Coleus Forskohlii, is the name of the plant from which the concentrate is inferred. The genuine plant is developed in India, Thailand, and different parts of South East Asia. It has likewise been discovered developing on the dry inclines of the Himalayas.

For quite a long time, this astounding herb has been utilized for cardiovascular wellbeing issues, for example, hypertension, congestive heart disappointment, and angina. It has additionally been found to increment cerebral blood stream which presents stroke casualties on recoup speedier. You can visit to know how forskolin helps lose weight within a short span of time.

These advantages of this herb are because of the ascent of a concoction in our bodies called cAMP when it is ingested. cAMP unwinds heart muscle and builds the contractility of the heart.

Its impacts on the body in both ways i.e. positive and broad. Shedding pounds, building incline muscle, boosting digestion system, stifling hunger, recuperating skin conditions and decreasing pulse normally are all advantages of this stunning herb.

The greatest enthusiasm starting late has been its thermogenic fat blazing impacts. Ladies 40 and over begin watching a decrease in their thyroid capacity which compares to a slower digestion system.

New Home Construction Terms

A new home community is a community of homes that are being constructed brand new. Any homeowner moving in to a new home community will be the chief owner of their home. New home communities are sometimes called subdivisions. Within a new home community, numerous building companies may contribute, resulting in homes with a range of architectural styles and sizes.

A master planned community is exclusive in the fact that the housing community provides a wider spectrum of facilities than most other housing communities. Master planned communities generally offer fitness and recreation amenities, but may also comprise onsite stores, restaurants and schools. Master planned communities usually occupy a greater plot of land and will also include walking trails, lakes, golf courses and ponds. You can know about Owner Builder Services in perth via various websites.

Also known as a single-detached dwelling, a single-family home is a free-standing suburban building that is not devoted to another residence. Most single-family homes are situated on a plot of land somewhat larger than the house, producing a privately owned yard. Single family homes are usually seen in suburbs, subdivisions and master planned communities.

An owner of a single family home can make any revamps or expansions to their home as it is privately owned, as long as they are in obedience with regulations determined by their state or homeowner association.

Understanding the RICO Act

Many people have heard of the RICO Act – whether in a newspaper article, a television show, or a movie – but few really know what it means. RICO stands for "Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations," which references its status as a law designed to fight organized crime and the ability of criminal organizations to profit from illegal actions.

Because of the wide influence of the law on modern American life, it can be very beneficial to understand the law and how it can be used by government agencies to prosecute individuals. If you or someone you love has been charged with violating the law, it may be very beneficial to discuss your case with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

What Is It?

Enacted on October 15, 1970, the RICO Act was originally designed to allow legal forces to pursue and prosecute the Mafia. However, over the past forty years, its use by law enforcement agencies has been much more widespread than that. Under the act, anyone who can be verified to be a member of an organization which has committed any of 35 crimes in the past ten years can be charged with racketeering.You can learn Practice Tips here.

To the date, the RICO Act has been used to prosecute a diverse array of organizations and individuals, including:

· The Hells Angels motorcycle club

· Financier Michael Milken

· The Key West Police Department, which was running a protection racket for drug dealers

· MLB Commissioner Bud Selig

Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Diffuser

Take note of the coverage of the aroma too

Different diffusers tend to have varying coverage when it comes to the reach of the aroma of the essential oils that they disperse. If you are in a home setting, then diffusers that will be able to reach the extent of the room that you are placing it in is god enough so, one does not really require a device with such a wider coverage. For office settings though, you may want to opt for a diffuser that will more square footage as far as the aroma goes to ensure that you get more areas covered.

the Best Diffuser

Choose the right device with the right run time

The setting where you expect to use the diffuser should help you determine the run time of the unit that will suit your needs very well. In this case, you will need to consider how long you would refer the diffuser to be working. Most people would prefer longer run times especially when using the diffuser in offices and work places.

How safe it is to sue the diffuser for longer periods of time should be cindered too. Make sure that you choose ones that have timers. See if it is going to have an automatic shut off feature as well to ensure worry-free use.

Buying a diffuser should not be that overwhelming especially if you are well aware of what it is that you are looking for. Do your homework. Know what you want. Know the upsides and downsides of these choices you have too so you are sure that you are indeed picking the best ones. 

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Just for anybody who is final a fabulous gardening project, bins particularly for dirt and soil are offered. You can order a small skip bin for fresh soil or one for soil that grasps grass greenswards cuttings and as well small stone, top-soil or numerous other constituents (Mixed Waste). On that opinion are also bins for green garbage, which can comprise unwanted weeds, veggie pieces in addition taken out up herb beds. Effectively all of these stuffs are sent to superior amenities, which will make organic matter from the waste solid.